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It's that simple.

Quick Start

Just Browsing is a "live CD" that does not make any changes to the existing operating system on the computer. Enjoying a simple computing experience with only a web browser (your choice of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) is just a few steps away.

1.) Download ISO image (note: rather large, may take awhile to download):

2.) Burn to CD-R (or DVD±R)

Instructions for:
Linux (Gnome 2)
Linux (Gnome 3)
Linux (KDE)
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

3.) Reboot/restart the computer

4.) Boot from CD-ROM

Hold the BIOS setup hotkey (varies) on the keyboard when the computer powers on:
• Access the BIOS
• Common BIOS hotkeys (ESC, F1, F2, F8, F10, F11, F12 or DEL)
Select CD-ROM as 1st boot priority:
• Change Boot Order
• Boot Priority
Alternatively, quick Boot Menu:
• Boot Menu

5.) You should see this bootloader (otherwise go back to Step 4.):

6.) Finally the splash screen:



• Choose Firefox or Chrome - whichever is more comfortable to you.
• No logins, no malware, no sluggish boot. Designed with old machines in mind.
• A calculator, text editor, timer and more are always one click away.
• Your privacy protected - a lockscreen to keep out intruders
• Your history is erased when you turn off the computer

JustBrowsing is built on the excellent ArchLinux, a rolling-release distribution, which keeps it always up-to-date. It uses the light-weight window manager, i3, and keeps the experience uncluttered. A bottom panel, adeskbar, displays the time and date, and has all the settings visible, no hunting around. Free and open source.