Desktop Environment

Panel at a glance

JustBrowsing uses the lightweight i3 window manager to keep the experience uncluttered and without window borders. A bottom panel, adeskbar, displays the time and date, and has many settings visible - no hunting around. A single-window paradigm allows the browser to maximize the available screen real estate.

Webapps can be launched from this panel or toggle the browser session. NetworkManager applet automatically connects to wired networks and makes it easy to connect to wifi networks. The volume is controlled by the pnmixer applet or volume keys. Advanced audio settings can be adjusted using pavucontrol. The keymap is set and can be selected using the jbxkb applet which was created for this project.

The jb-config GUI utility is a new way to manage settings and can change the screen resolution, timezone, language, keymap, homepage and default browser. An optional configuration file may be created on media (that must be labeled JUSTDATA) to save preferences persistently. Unlike some other browser-based distros, JustBrowsing supports USB printing (supported printers).


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Window UI Always Show History Settings checkCompatibility Classic Theme Restorer Download Manager Tweak Menu Editor Menu Icons Plus

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Lock Sentry

JustBrowsing includes a lockscreen

JustBrowsing includes i3lock-spy, a fork of the i3lock lockscreen. Modifications include utilizing wbar to offer shutdown and reboot buttons at the top of the screen. A common word is selected and presented to the user as a one-time password prior to locking the screen for use as a password.

Mugshots of intruders that entered an incorrect password

Lock screens are designed to protect privacy. However, most only offer defense against intruders. i3lock-sentry takes an offensive position by counting failed attempts and utilizing the computer's webcam (if present) to capture snapshots of the trespasser. Note: alert only appears after at least 2 failed attempts.

Boot Parameters

Press TAB to edit JustBrowsing bootloader menu entry

Change settings at boot time using the provided boot entries or customize them. Create a JUSTDATA partition with justbrowsing.cfg for persistent language, keyboard layout, etc. settings.

Press F1 to bring up boot parameters

default=chromeSets default browser to Google Chrome
display=1366x768Forces resolution of 1366x768
gpu=vboxEnables Virtualbox GPU driver
copytoram=yCopy entire ISO into RAM
clean=trueUse fresh/untouched browser profiles
locale=plSet browser locale to Polish
keymap=isSet keymap to Iceland layout
nomodesetDisables kernel mode setting (needed for some GPUS)
nouveau.modeset=0Needed for some Nvidia GPUs
url=http://ddg.ggSets homepage to DuckDuckGo
zone=Europe/RomeSets timezone to Rome, Italy (CET)


Press F2 to bring up locale and keymap list

Select an entry under "Choose locale & keymap". Currently 38 keymaps are supported but browser localization varies, see the below compatability table. View gallery

KeymapLocaleFirefox ChromeName
usen_USxxEnglish (US)
gben_GBxxEnglish (GB)
KeymapLocaleFirefox ChromeName
us(dvorak)   DVORAK
us(intl)   International
Tip: keymaps can also be toggled with Left click and switched from a list with Right click

Note: Some keymaps depend on ibus input methods, while the rest use standard XKB layouts. Starting in Chrome 35, only whitelisted XKB keymaps are compatible.


Temporarily load an azerty/dvorak/qwerty/qwertz keymap

Also supported is loading a keymap within the boot menu to edit boot entries. Select "Advanced Options -> Load keymap", then a keyboard layout style and finally the appropriate keymap. This will NOT be passed to the OS.

Developer Edition

JustBrowsing Dev Edition is for developers and it is intended for debugging purposes only.

The OpenSSH server is installed, configured and started at boot in this edition. This is a security vulernability if left unchecked. The ssh package is not configured nor even installed in the regular version. The password is the ISO's build date in the format YYYYMMDD.

Virtual Terminals (VTs) are also enabled. In QEMU they can be accessed by pressing CTRL+ALT+2, typing in: sendkey ctrl-alt-f2 ENTER then press CTRL+ALT+1 to access TTY2

The final change is xterm is installed. It can be launched from i3 with: Super+Enter (Win+Return). Other useful key combinations include toggling the WM tile mode with Super+Shift+W (tabs), Super+Shift+E (tile), Super+Shift+S (stack)


Customized ISOs are the community edition

Open Source transparency is an important aspect of the development of JustBrowsing. I have provided some scripts to make it easy to customize the LiveCD. Not happy with the provided Firefox or Chrome browser profile? Subsitute your own. Need to make other changes? You can. Step-by-step instructions.

Quick video tutorial

Build Dependencies:
  • justbrowsing ISO
  • justbrowsing-remaster repo
  • cdrtools package
  • squashfs-tools package
  • syslinux package

Nightly builds

Nightly builds daily from latest stable ISO

JustBrowsing Nightlies are untested, auto-built releases. Nightly builds are based from the latest stable JustBrowsing release with the packages upgraded. Providing the latest packages helps to protect users from the security vulernabilities associated with outdated software. Automation helps minimize maintaince of the JustBrowsing project, keeping up-to-date while freeing up time to innovate with new features.

Virtualbox OVA files for easy deployment

Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) is a portable Virtual Appliance bundle containing a Virtual Machine. JustBrowsing .ova files are generated along with the .iso nightly builds and make it easy to test JustBrowsing or distribute across a computer lab. Learn how to import .ova file

Quick video tutorial